OptionFair rewarded in April Competition winning series

OptionFair rewarded in April Competition winning series

binary-system-63526_960_720Just all Easter Reier and chocolate bunnies are plastered Because OptionFair sets again after new gifts. Since early April, namely running onlinescam again a trading contest where Cypriot Broker.

After last month has been a Forex Contest, the classic trade is once again in demand with binary options – and more skillfully to Hire this is more valuable prices one may sink at the end.

So many options as possible to end in the money

The challenge, the participants have to face this time, it is ushering in a whole series win with binary options. OptionFair rewarded namely those traders who manage most options that end in the money to buy a row.
It is important to ensure that the number of winning trades is not broken. Creeps namely a position which expires out of the money, then the count starts namely again.

There is no rule as to which type of trade may be used for the competition. Also, the range of possible underlyings that can be used, not limited. It is only important that the individual positions of investments of more than 100 euros made. Options with lower stakes, are not counted.

The registration conditions are extremely simple, because it is only necessary at the beginning of trading Competition to own more onlinescam.net/binary-options/ than 500 euros to balance on his account. Where a customer this criterion, then Option Fair announces it to themselves. It does not matter if the account balance falls within the competition period even below this limit.

Total profits are worth $ 50,000

The contest starts every second Monday of the month again and runs for two weeks until Saturday the following week.
Spendierfreudig OptionFair is reflected in the prices await the successful traders. Overall, these gift packages include the value of 50,000 US dollars. The lion’s share of it gets clearly the winner, who receives a bulging bag with cash, risk-free trades trading signals and trading learning materials worth a total of US $ 13,000.

The package of runners is $ 9,000 heavy and that the third-place includes shares in the amount of $ 8,000. More prices, especially bonus money, also get the in the final behind settled distributors to 15th place. OptionFair publish on its website is always the current status in the competition and informed at the conclusion of all participants who have a price ertradet.

Trade-off between return and risk in trading

This strategic investment planning is called Money Management. The principle, risking as little as necessary its capital and still generate a significant profit applies. So it’s all about favorable possible ratio between return potential and risk of loss.

This starts with the determination of the available trading capital. This should be such that even a total loss would have no serious effects on their own daily lives. Binary options, also called digital options, as well as have a high gain, a high risk potential and, therefore, is to provide for this case.

The risk-tilt it comes to determine whether aggressive or more conservative investing. After experts recommend as a guideline for a single investment only a maximum of two to five percent of the total funds in the account, irritate aggressive traders this frontiersman stronger while conservative move rather at the lower limit.

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